Changing voltage to 115v on the EX

I’ve shipped my EX from Europe to the US to a friend.
He tried to rotate the fuse from 230v to 115v but there is no power to the EX on the 115v.
If we use the 230v (with a transformer) there is power.
the 2 fuses are marked as 1A250V.
Is there anything else that needs to be done aside from rotating the fuse holder to the 115v position ? do I need to change fuses ? change their location ?


I am unsure of your exact question, but many devices (the vast majority) made to run on 240v will NOT run on 115v. Certainly, simply changing the fuse won’t change that.
The transformer supplies the correct voltage, that’s why it works.

The Antipodes EX support multi voltage by rotating the fuse holder. My question is for further guidance as it does not work on the 115v position.

As far as I know the EX has 2 fuses. Sure you changed them both to the 115v position?
Besides that, I’m not sure these fuses work on or are suited for both voltages. Try to Google that.

Based on the manual you are only suppose to rotate the fuse holder and not change the fuse positions. That’s why I posted my message.
Google will not help as I need guidance specifically for how to do the voltage change for the EX.

I am pretty sure you only need to rotate it. If your friend has a voltmeter, have him check the continuity through each fuse just to make sure both are in good shape.

Concur, rotating is all that is required, ensure fuses are intact and that the fuse holder is correctly seated.
Also if a power conditioner is involved, remove it.

Thanks. Is it ok that the fuses are 1A250V and not 115v ?