Component advice/suggestions

hi, i am using an Oladra server for my music, direct into the AES port of my active speakers (which have no other inputs). Can someone pls suggest a component or device or a way to feed an output from my TV into the speakers at the same time as my music i.e. over the one AES input. I dont mind having to manually switch but i dont want to compromise the oladra SQ. At the moment the only way is to physically plug out the oladra and plug in XLR from the tv which is not practical. I would like both connected permanently. As my speakers have built in DAC and amps i really dont know how to do this without interfering with the AES output from the oladra. thanks

I have my two channel system as well as my home theater speakers integrated into my active ATCspeakers . To do this I use the JL Audio CR-1 crossover. I use my bricasti m12 as a preamp to control volume with two channel and my HT processor to control volume with tv (I use Apple TV to stream video). This solution works well for me since I can use the ATC active speakers for both two channel and tv using preamp to select the output to each. Originally, I tried two sets of speakers, then tried to do what you’re doing, switching cables every time I switch sources. As you know, not optimal. Not sure what other solutions there are for you but I needed to use a two channel preamp, a HT processor, along with the JL Audio CR-1 to do what you’re attempting.

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