Connecting Oladra to dCS Vivaldi

Hello everyone.

I’m the owner of a dCS Vivaldi full stack (4 units), which is reclocked by a Mutec Ref 10 external clock.

I am now considering to add the Oladra as a new server in my digital front end (but still using the dCS Vivaldi Upsampler).

Would it be possible? If so, what would be the best way to connect it to the dCS system?


Hi there, there are two ways to explore connection to a Vivaldi Upsampler… AES and USB.
With Antipodes you can switch between the two outputs using the Solution Dashboard.
With the new G4 OLADRA with the improved USB which is best would be personal preference and source material etc.


Thanks Mark. Do you know when the G4 was launched in the market?

Yesterday :sunglasses:
There are no models in the wild currently, shipping in August…

@MarkCole Marc, is there a reason why you didn’t consider the spdf as a possible connection to the dCS Upsampler? Thanks.

No, def a possibility :slight_smile:

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@MarkCole , what is the output of the Oladra clock? 75ohm connection?
trying to understand whether it can act as a reclocker for my entire dCS Vivaldi stack replacing the Mutec Ref 10 external clock. Thanks.

The answer is NO.
The OLADRA clock is a Master clock, having two great clocks in the system cannot be bad.

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@MarkCole . Thanks but I’m confused. What’s the output? How does it interface with the Vivaldi stack?

Dear Mark,

Is the Clock Output on the OLADRA a * 10Mhz * 75ohm Master Clock Output?

If not, What’s the frequency of the OLADRA’s Clock Output?


It’s a word clock, so the frequency will be based on the frequency of the track that’s playing. This word clock signal is in most cases passed along the cable when using a synchronous output. The word clock output just allows one to tap into this for devices that have a separate word clock input.

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In a moment of curiosity I wondered whether anyone has been able to make use of this word clock output on the Antipodes? I have not heard any reports of anyone doing so. Have you heard any reports or indeed has anyone?

No, but I’m not sure I would have. I think this output was included because it cost little to add. I don’t imagine that there as a real demand for it.

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@kennyb123 @MarkCole

what’s the impedance of the clock output of the Oladra? Wondering whether it is compatible with the dCS Vivaldi wordclock inputs(?)

Secondly what frequency rates does it provide?


Its not compatible, the Antipodes Word Clock is a Master, and DAC connected must be run in SLAVE mode.
The word clock works on multiples of 44.1 and 48
Honestly most high quality DAC’s already have a high quality clock, the benefit is for a DAC that is configurable in SLAVE mode.
Nothing wrong with two great clocks in your system.

Kinki DAC-1 is a DAC that can accept word clock input.

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Mark, is it correct to consider the Word Clock connection between the OLADRA and a DAC the key-point of the audio quality of such a system? Or is it rather to be considered as an option to be tested?

It is an option to be tested if your DAC is able to be used in SLAVE mode, if your DAC is not able to be set to SLAVE, then there is no point in testing it, as it will not work, sit back relax and enjoy the music.

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Thank you very much Mark