Cool new upgrade to Squeeze in AMSv5!

Guys! Is this a new enhancement the Antipodes team added to Squeeze with the latest software update or was it always there and I just didn’t know where to access it? I see that when I select the “i “ next to the volume slider it populates with really good artist information - kind of like Roon. Perhaps it was always there but regardless, for others looking for artist information that’s where to find it in this latest software update. See attached screenshot.

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Indeed it is, you can edit the title of your post to:

cool new upgrade to Squeeze in AMSs5!

Good idea, Paul, and thanks for the input. Done!

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Also a function of the 3 Dot Menu you can easily change the default colours and theme and overall look of Squeeze by tapping Interface.


Very cool, @MarkCole ! Somehow the default setting for me is “just right.” I am beginning to realize there I much more to Squeeze than meets the eye, so, idea: why not have your team create a tutorial video dedicated to Antipodes’ support for Squeeze (w/ features and benefits) and upload to YouTube? Not only would it serve existing customers but could likely draw more new customers into the Antipodes family. Speaking for myself, it was certainly one reason why I became a customer - bc I liked Squeeze yet was getting poor support from other server company. :wink:

Yep, the video was created, then someone at Logitech decided to close down without warning with pretty much immediate effect and some of the video is now pointless and will have to be redone.
I’m a bit snowed under at the moment but on my list of things to do.


Ok, @MarkCole or anyone else, but until I know how this is possible , I have to ask, “How is this possible?” I have never before had the ability to skip ahead to the next track or go back to a previous track on my iPhone. How is this happening? I DO have the iPeng app made for OS so without knowing I’m guessing it is this app “talking to my IPhone. That said, I never observed this before. Or is this a new feature of AMSv5?

Check out the screenshot.

You must have run iPeng.

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It for sure was open so apparently it is the app communicating with my phone just as the Qobuz app, so thanks for confirming.

Its new and i agree very cool.
Plus the much easier way to modify the user interface colours.
Just a better interface experience overall. Well done Mark!

And shifting back from trying HQP makes me appreciate Squeeze all the more.