Core operating temperature CX ( EX )


Hello everyone. I wonder what the core temperature should be when running CX , EX. At the moment, the temperature is around 65-70 degrees Celsius. Is this normal, or should I be wary?

Seems a bit high … ambience temp of 30 deg nvr exceeded 50 deg C when playing and attached photos when aircon is turned on to 25 deg C ambience temp.

Both my oladra upgraded units are in open racks.


Hi - My OLADRA upgraded CX / EX run a bit in between the examples thus far. CX is in open air (next to a sunny window) and it fluctuates between what is displayed in the first pic and low 50C. Ambient temp of 26C right now. My EX (2nd pic) is not open air however.

After another reboot (protection probably worked), I tried to change the cable from CX to EX. The temperature has returned to normal values (no more than 40 degrees Celsius).Is this possible?

Depends on what processes are running.
If you run Roon then background use is higher than any other app

No roon for me … vanilla Squeezelite setup :pray::pray: