Core temp on my K50

Using my K50 on Roon With Hq player my Core temp gets in the 62-70 range. My computer processing % is around 50% and a not getting any pop outs Is this temp to high ? And if so any suggestions or concerns of this temp? I know you said 60 was OK but its sometimes climbs to 70 which is concerning

My server core temperture is around 50c with room temperature and runs around 0 to 1 % after roon gets itself sorted out after boot up.
HQ Player needs more processing power which is more heat and perhaps more noise.

When I’m not using HQ player the temp is around 50. It the high temp on HQ player that I’m concerned about and wonder if its a problem?

Yes, heat is a problem with eletronics IMO.
More heat generalky means less life of the product which is why fans and heatsinks are used.

Products can be designed to run hot. I’m sure that’s true of the K50. The question of course is how hot. Antipodes should consider mentioning the safe operating range in the specs for each server.

Anything higher than 70 isnt good, and at 70 for long periods also isnt good.
There is thermal throttling built in, which will start to kill resources and then shut the CPU down.
There is no doubt that high heat shortens life.


Interesting enough the unit does not feel that warm ! About the higher temp. Would you suggest a different HQ setting ? And if so what is your suggestion for the K50 ?

Switched to your setting and it’s amazing how much less the core temp is. Back to a stable 46-50 degrees even after being on all night —-the other setting on HQ player shot up to almost 70 within 30 minutes — not going back to that setting even though its the setting recommended for the May Holo KTH dac


My core temp is 30c NOT 50c

Hi, what setting for hq player are you using? I’m using k50 with holo dac may kts