CX as a server for S30

Greetings - I’m running an S30 into an S20, via AES/EBU to my DAC and I love the sound. All the same, I’d like to see what my options are to separate the server and renderer functions.

I understand the S40 is the designed server for the S30, but it seems they don’t come up frequently on the used market and I’m not in a position to buy an S40 new. Is the CX model compatible with and suitable as a server for the S30?

Thanks much

Hi there, most definitely, a CX will benefit playback of the S30.
Do you have a S60?

Great to know. Thanks so much for the quick confirmation, Mark - fantastic support!

Hi there @MarkCole ,

The S series is no longer in production, and finding an S40 or S30 to pair with if you already have one S-device can be challenging. As the owner of an S30 looking to progress, this leads me to a couple of questions:

A) Is the sound quality of S30 (+ S60) with a CX better than EX with CX?

B) I assume, for this comparison, we also need to consider the versions of EX and CX in use (G1, G2, G3, and G4 up until Oladra).

C) Same question for S40 (+ S60) better with a EX or CX.

Looking forward to your insights.