CX as Server only, EX as Player only

I think I have RTFM’ed but cannot get the above setup.

I have the CX set with no player and Squeeze as the server app:

… but the EX does not show a None option for server, only a choice of Squeeze or Roon when I select Squeeze as the player:

… with no None option in Solution preset.

This means that Squeeze server on the EX grabs the EX Squeeze player and Squeeze server on the CX is prevented from seeing the EX player. I cannot see how to disable Squeeze server on the EX.

What am I missing?

Hiya, you do not use the CX interface at all, it is redundant in your particular setup.
All management of servers on your network is undertaken from the PLAYER DASHBOARD.
In your images, in the EX Dashboard you are managing the EX server, you need to make a change to the Player Settings EX - click Source and move this to CX from the drop-down menu.
Then use the pre-sets Squeeze Auto, which will manage both the CX and EX.
I hope that helps, let me know if you require further assistance.

Thanks … found this answer also here:

Thought I had read it somewhere!

ahhh, OK, so you are sorted?
So you dont see your server from My Antipodes

I do … the NONE/NONE solution works, but your Source= AntipodesCX is better.

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Yes, if you can use then you should be using the EX to manage and set source to CX