Cx ex. copy files. ayre usb dac

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-can’t read music on library or Qobuz with Ayre dac; it’s displayed on ex dashboard “Ayre dac”, on Ayre display : “96 khz” , but nothing happening on pushing play button…

  • hokked an external hdd on cx, on every usb slot (not out to dac !), i can feel it running , but not seen on the network,on cx storage :" usb 1,usb 2 empty" .Don’t want to copy by the web, hdd connected on the computer ( just 3 cd loaded in lot of time…)
    May you help me, please?

The recommended format for external devices is ExFat, this gives the best compatibility with Linux devices.
The File Manager needs to completely scan the drive, so if it is large this may take some time.