CX+EX+P2 , OLADRA upgrade , S40 S30 S20


my present system is CX+EX+P2.

Wanting to take a step forward in a single move would you :

  • upgrade CX to OLADRA hardware
  • upgrade EX to OLADRA hardware
  • change P2 with S20
  • change EX with S30
  • change CX with S40


and, last but not least :

  • could S60 be considered in the future or should it be taken together with S20 or S30 or S40 in order to achieve the improvement over my CX+EX+P2? Unless you recommend the OLADRA path…

Thank you very much!


Any idea about this upgrade question?

A single move would be trading in all your kit on a K50 :slight_smile:
Followed by trading all your kit on a K30 :slight_smile:
OLADRA Upgrades to both CX + EX
S40 + S30 + S20 + S60
In that order

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Thanks Mark,

a substantial move :smiley:

I’ll consider that.