CX+EX, Squeezelite & Internet Radio Streaming

Hi Mark and All,

I see this remark on “Converted to 705kbps flac” on Squeezer android app when I stream from different radio stations of varied bitrates.

Anyway to avoid this for maximum available bitrate for obvious reason and is this finding attributable to Antipodes solution ?

Thanks and cheers.

Does this only happen with Radio playback ?

Hi Mark, Thanks for the attention …

Yes, I see only see this from Radio playback from these hires radio stations and they seems to be all of OGG Flac format.

I do not have such situation when playing hires flac of 5+kpbs from Qobuz but these OGG Flac of CBR 5k+Kpbs or even 800+kbps get converted to same 705kbps flac.

I do not have OGG Flac music files to play back to see if the same occurs.