CX / EX Upgrade

I have taken a post from our Facebook page, outlining the upgrades to the CX/EX

The case work is not changed. The main board is retuned and the CX board gets new/more RAM. The power supply and control electronics are completely replaced. Good sounding fuses are installed. New software is installed. You get the benefits of a lot of design work needed in order to make these upgrades worthwhile. We cover express courier freight and all border processes and costs for most countries - there are some exceptions, where the customer will need to deal with border costs.

In terms of sound quality, the K50 is a large improvement over the CX+EX combination.

The upgrades close around 80% to 90% of that gap (on USB). I am stating a range of percentages because it is impossible to be precise when peoples’ systems and preferences are different. We have a long history of offering to keep peoples’ older units up with our latest technology and we don’t offer upgrades unless the sound quality improvement will be very significant.

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I am curious if owners can have the replaced power supplies and control electronics returned with the upgraded units.

Hi Mark,

If I only have budget to upgrade one unit of the CX/EX pair, which would you choose and why?

Hi there andrewd, out of the two, I would say the CX would be the preferred to have upgraded. How we aprpoach the signal path, is to start with the best possible signal in the chain, and having the extended bandwidth, and noise reduction technologies in the server means that the player is getting the best possible signal to start with.

Hello. What is the latest date to book this upgrade through the website?

Hi there, the last date is 31 August, however as New Zealand is in a Covid lockdown currently, dates are pushing back, so now 17 September

Curious and no rush as my DX is being shipped to Denver for 3.1 repaire, but I submitted an upgrade request for dx3, is this going to happen? New year or not enough demand

All upgrades are undertaken in our facility here in New Zealand.
At this point, there has been a delay in obtaining the required components due Covid induced shortages.
The upgrade is still on the radar, however don’t have a timeline at present.

Hi there,

Just an FYI - we still have the ability to upgrade DX3, CX and EX to OLADRA.
Running low on GREEN front buttons if we have a second wave of upgrades I will get some more produced.
Contact me directly or PM for info


We are nearing the last of the parts required to complete Oladra upgrades for the DX3, CX and EX models, and we need to reserve parts for possible future repairs. Therefore, we are giving notice that these upgrades will only be available for a month or two longer (while stocks last).

Hello Mark,
Since Oladra upgrades are scheduled to be discontinued soon. Is it still possible to upgrade a DX3? This is a unit that was previously upgraded to DX3 level in 2018.
If so, what is the cost?

PM Sent
Yes, DX3 are still currently able to be upgraded

My DX3 was upgrade to Oladra Will it run higth power or me
ium power server
What beneffit will i get if i change to a k41


Server – Player

Released 2017

Medium-Power Single Computer

2 Internal SSDs

Outputs: USB

Internal Power Supply

The DX3 is based on the EX, with an in-built ripper, and with a superior power supply. Its design focus is to equally support the Server and Player functions, provided the user does not wish to use the demanding DSP features in Roon Server and HQPlayer Server Embedded.

The OLADRA power supply upgrade lifts performance, but offers no extra processing power.

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