DHCP IP address changing

Hello, for quite some time my K41 had an IP address ending with 153 coming from the DHCP server. If I would reboot the machine this address would not change.

In the last few days I noticed that the IP address is going up and it is now 156? Music sounds still the same so it is not a big issue but still surprising. Any thoughts?

It would be useful if the TCP/IP address setting was made configurable with an option to set it to a static adress

The best approach is to set a IP reservation in the router.

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Devices that are configurable only via a webpage should never provide the option to set a static address. If the static address becomes unreachable then there is no way to change the address. Reservations in the router are always the best approach for setting static IPs.

Unless a reservation is set in the router, devices can grab addresses that had been used by another device. I set reservations for any device that should have a static address to avoid this. My NAS and the player and server on the K50 have reserved IPs.

This not without danger. I once did that and got a new router with a different a ddress range. Ouch

Will do. Turns out the cable was not very well connected. So it lost connection several times. Fixed now

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It usually easy to configure the new router to use the address range of the router it replaced. I will agree though that it can be a bit stressful at first.

It is more an issue when you forget to do it. Afterwards it is more difficult

Then don’t forget. Haha. Having suffered through it once, I have learned that a little upfront preparation is always a good thing when changing to a new router. Fortunately, I’ve not had to do that in years. All it takes is just capturing the relevant settings to a file.

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