Dimming led on EX / CX


The V4 manual states: Some users will wish to turn off the front panel LED lights, particularly in a home theatre situation. Simply use a short click of the front panel Power Button to turn off the LED lights. The next time you do a long click (more than half a second), the LEDs will light again.

On my EX and CX (amber/green), no oladra upgrade, this doesn’t work. No big issue but is this also the case with other users? Just curious.

Get the upgrade, the front button is replaced as part of the power supply upgrade :slight_smile:

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And have the bonus optional updated blue leds instead of dated green ones :partying_face::partying_face:

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Not quite true unfortunately. I have the silver CX and EX with Oladra upgrades and the LEDs are green.

Guess you prefers dated green leds or forgot to tick optional blue leds when submitted yr antipodes for upgrade then.

I have ALL my equipment modded to blue leds if stock is not including my tv setup box, Bel Canto fm1 tuner etc. but did not touch the Antipodes due to non standard parts and high cost of equipment.

It was 30% SQ and 70% aesthetic improvement motivation for me on spending usd4000. :sweat_smile:


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Nice row of box’s Richard. I think I must of missed the memo on the green v blue light option, never got to make the choice, but not concerned. By the way how do you like the P2, how are you using it? I am looking for a used one, but they are hard to find.

Hey Colin, Tks … took me a while and still without rack space for my beloved TT but will have to do meanwhile.

Unfortunately, P1 and P2 were for completion of the stack and as footers only. I had not used the P2 and hence unable to advise its SQ performance.

I am using usb from Antipodes to my Denafrips Hermes ddc synced to my Denafrips Terminator Plus DE with high quality oxco clock (P2 uses femto clock) just millimeters away from DA electronics which I believe is the best setup.

Blue led option on Oladra upgrade ordering page. Cheers.