Direct Ethernet output

Basic question but I forgot how I did this previously and now can’t figure it out. I am uses the aes output from my k50 but want to try a few things using the direct Ethernet output. Can someone guide me on where I change the output from aes to Ethernet? Thanks

Do you really have to change it? The Server app should just be able to reach players on your network and ignore the Player on your K50.

No, the player dashboard is redundant when running ethernet out.
Just run it out the direct stream and you should be good to go

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This intrigues me.

If I were to connect my K50 via direct stream out to the ethernet input of my Bricasti M3 DAC (with LAN network card), would this effectively bypass the K50player and make the Bricasti M3 DAC the player?

Yep that’s correct, however
the best place to have the player isn’t the DAC
also, assumes that Bricasti are better in designing a player than Antipodes Audio, they may be fantastic but having it inside the DAC isn’t where you want it to be. You want the DAC to be a DAC and the Antipodes to be Antipodes.
Rendering 2/3rds of your K50 redundant doesn’t seem like a good decision to me , but give it a try.


I agree. I used the direct ethernet to my Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC but in my opionion the best sound quality is achieved by using the Antipodes K30 (in my case) player. I prefer Squeezelight.