Discontinuation of mysqueezebox.com? Tidal, Deezer and Pandora

I hear that as of Feb 2024 “mysqueezebox.com” will be discontinued - with implications to the use of Tidal.

Any heads up on what will mean for those of us using Squeeze and Tidal?

Maybe something AMS v5 is frontfooting?

At this point when the mysqueezebox.com servers are switched off Tidal will be unavailable on Squeeze.

This announcement made on the 25th January is as much of a surprise to us as anyone.

Yep. Tidal App plays, and artwork appears on the OladraPlayer Favorites/Albums, but the following appears on any Tidal playing album track and queue ???

Please follow the QR Code


Migration Announcement

Does that mean I cannot use Qobuz via mysqueezebox.com?

Qobuz is unaffected.
Only Tidal.

Qobuz will continue without issue

Snoopy8 posted this on the Stereonet forum:

Very, very early days, but there is a move to develop a Tidal plug-in

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