DS DV DX Upgrade Offer


Earlier model DS, DV, DX etc are now not powerful enough to deliver a good user experience with Roon Server, so we have developed offers to get you up to date with our latest technology.

Contact us via our upgrade page to learn more about your options.


I’m not sure , but I may well have been the first to be offered this upgrade path, albeit well before this announcement.
Last year I had a DS which performed admirably for years with Tidal and stored music delivered via Roon, until it didn’t.
After sending the DS over to Mark for inspection and feedback I had a few options, one of which was the trade up to an S30/S60 combo which I took.
I haven’t looked back since.
I have nicer sound than from the DS and faultless playback other than the usual Roon quirks.
I’d encourage anyone thinking about this offer to take it!


Is there any OLADRA or firmware etc upgrade for Edge?
Is Edge still capable with roon?

The Edge, was designed to be teamed up with a CORE for Roon, and is pre EX.
While likely to keep trucking, might be an idea to look at something new, sooner rather than later.