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If you would confirm that these settings are for what the DAC is capable of and NONE means the K50 is converting dsd to pcm?

None, means that for example Squeeze or Roon will convert to PCM.

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My dac only supports 192/24 . I am using an EX/CX (4.2)with Squeeze and my player dsd settings Ex are set to none but it won’t play dsf files. Please tell me what I am doing wrong? Haven’t found any settings within Squeeze that solves it and don’t understand how to intall other plugins.

Forgot to mention that the EX as a player is connected to the P2 and then with AES to a Devialet D-premier. Everything below dsd plays fine, Squeeze is absolutely the best solution…

Over AES DOP to DSD64 is supported, check your source

I don’t think his DAC supports DSD. If so, would he need to use C-3PO to convert DSD to PCM?

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Ok, thanks for the reply’s. The first generation Devialet don’t support dop. I found out how to install the plugins. Installed C-3P0 but it doesn’t let me select dsf anddff as source files (‘The SOX version in use does not handle DSD formats’) . i tried using C-3PO with and without DSD-player, no success Any suggestions?

I tried that too - and yeah DSD isn’t supported. You might want to consider using an offline process to convert DSD to 176.4/24. I think dbPoweramp has a batch converter. This would be equivalent to what on-the-fly conversion would accomplish. You’d end up with smaller files, which might be a plus.

The DSD files you could set aside and revisit when you have a DAC that can support them.

The message “The SOX version in use does not handle DSD formats
“ which is in the server setting in the C-3PO plugin also links to the audiodigitale .eu site where there have a possibly newer version of Sox package that might solve the dsd compatibility. A bit off a solution beyond my technical skills. But I can’t believe that transcoding off dsd to pcm is not possible within Squeezelite.Especially since about every other player app is capable off it. Maybe Mark has some suggestion?

The developer no longer updates the plugin.
If you set the DSD handling to NONE on the Solution Dashboard Squeeze will transcode the DSD to PCM and output at a high bitrate 384 PCM.
Works on DACs that can support a higher bitrate thru USB.
As C3P0 is no-longer maintained it is our intention to re-build this, however we can only work on so many things at a time, and this is down the list, sorry.

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Thanks Mark, so what is the next player in line that does the trick?

For downsampling to a non DSD DAC, Roon or HQPlayer

I can’t seem to be able to open this link. Is it still active? If not is there another way to access? Thanks

Hmmm, content has been removed, I will see if I can retrieve it