DSD Playback in Roon - no sound - K22


I can no longer hear any sound when playing Roon. I can see it’s playing the file but there is no sound - I switch back to a normal PCM file and no issues. Only occurs with DSD files. How do I fix this issue? Or is it Roon related? All settings are default for DSD (DOP).

Thank you!

Try turning off the EQ. Also check if DSD256 is supported by the interface and hardware you selected.

edit: if you are running Roon Core on your K22, the CPU isn’t powerful enough for DSP.

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Even when you have another server working in combo?

The only connection via Digital outs to support DSD256 is I2S.
If using HDMI I2S you will need to ensure that the dip switches are set for your DAC.
SPDIF and AES are DSD64 via DOP

I tried dop dsd 64 and nothing happens. I don’t have is2 on my DAC. My DAC is from the int. Boulder 866

Does the 866 even support DoP? The manual mentions nothing about it. DoP needs to be supported to get DSD over synchronous outputs like AES.

I think you may need to connect to the 866 over Ethernet and set it to be a Roon endpoint if you want to play DSD.

Previous i had the k50 gen.2 and played DSD with no problem. The setting on the player (k50) was to be setup for native. But with the K22, can’t play.

The K50 runs separate server and player apps - the K22 does not. So we need to figure out what’s different. I’d be better able to help if you could provide more details on the configuration that worked relative to the configuration that doesn’t.