DSDx2+ files playback with Squeeze fails

Like many others here I have lately settled to Squeeze Server + Squeeze Player as preferred mode for sound quality.

My path is EX → P2 reclocker → AES/EBU input on my DAC.

With this set up I cannot play higher rate DSD files (I have a few). I don’t mean “play natively”, this cannot of course be done with AES/EBU, but I mean “cannot play at all”.

I need some configuration to convert them to PCM. Where is this supposed to take place?

FWIW I have the C3P0 plugin active but it seems not to work, I get this message in the settings:

Thanks in advance

I am experiencing similar with my K50 and AES/EBU with Squeeze with same message you show and no playing with AES/EBU. USB does play.

I have a feeling that we won’t be able to resample DSD because of this message:

“The SOX version in use does not handle DSD format”

If you scroll down you will see that it’s not possible to check the box next to DFF or DSF.

Note that there are also Player options for C-3PO, but DFF and DSF aren’t listed, most likely because of the above.

Which files can’t play over AES?

Hi Kenny this is indeed the case.

But what does it mean? Is is a software issue (I thought this is automatically updated) or a hardware issue (I have a pre-Oladra upgrade EX)?

At least for me the DSD128 or DSD256 files (and DFF equivalents) do not play. DSD64 is OK as it’s processed via DoP.

It’s a software issue. Squeeze is open source software so users are at the mercy of the developer who has contributed his code. As I understand it, the developer for C-3PO stopped updating it.

DSD128 and above are supported on Squeeze.

I disabled C-3PO and have the DSD plug-in enabled

Still double DSD files cannot play


  • disabled the C3P0 plugin

  • kept the DSD plugin activated

  • Set DSD mode on player to “DoP”

  • Restarted server and player

I can now play DSD64 files. However I cannot play DSD128+.

If I set the DSD mode on the player to “Native” I cannot even play DSD64 files.

Can some help with the right settings or is it that once I use the P2 reclocker I have to forgo higher bit rate DSD files altogether unless someone updates the C3P0 plugin ?


My prime issue was not getting audible playback on AES/EBU from Squeeze, even though Material was showing music playing progress. I was selecting music not exceeding resolution specs nor format. This morning I updated my K50 to AMSv4, doing both server and player updates with reboots after each. I invested some time into this today. Lately, I had been running Roon with Squeeze player option, and had similar issues after the update, but found I needed to do more work with setting up individual configuration Presets. The default Presets selected USB. I have a Mola Mola Makua with DAC module. I have the Makua preamp configured with individual line presets with the default RJ45 network and configured another for USB and another for AES/EBU. I also experienced some issues with Roon as well not finding my K50 player with new Preset for AES/EBU with Squeeze Player even though that toggle was enabled in Roon. I was able to play via USB for both Squeeze Preset with Makua USB line input selected. I saw recommendation from Antipodes to disconnect unused cabling to DAC. I ended up unplugging the USB from the DAC and was able to play via AES/EBU for Squeeze with new Presets added with this option for both Squeeze server and player and Roon server and Squeeze player. Roon was also able to detect Audio Zone with K50 player with these Antipodes added Presets. I have since reconnected my USB cable and AES/EBU still plays via Roon and now on Squeeze with the added new Presets. I “think” disconnecting the USB cable allowed me to get the playbacks I was seeking. Admittedly, I have not yet tried playing the default Presets for USB and then going back to AES/EBU added Presets to check if they will still play. It has been enough for one day, though intend to do so later this week.

That could very well have been the case. I understand the benefits of the reclocker but one of the things I love about USB is that it pretty much just works.


USB has been reliable for me as well, and allows for playback on my relatively few DXD and DSD local files and avoids the sounds of silence or white noise when these load playing random music.

I have just cycled through default Presets for Squeeze server and player, Roon server with Squeeze player, and those I configured for same with AES/EBU. The default presets utilize USB and my newly configured ones utilize Digital Audio, AES/EBU. My tests worked as advertised, only requiring me to select the correct Preset via Solution menu on the dashboard and the appropriate line option configuration for my preamp/DAC. As noted above, I struggled yesterday to employ AES/EBU for Squeeze as well as Roon. Making sure I had my newly added Presets correctly configured is a must. In my case, I believe disconnecting my USB cable from the preamp DAC finally allowed me to connect and play music via AES/EBU. Reconnecting USB after gaining connectivity for AES/EBU did not negatively impact this connection availability for either connection.

DOP to DSD64 is what is supported via the Re-Clocker.

Mark, this is clear. My real question is what (if any) configuration options exist in Squeeze to downsample / convert higher bit rare DSD / PCM 352+ to AES/EBU compatible bit rates. Was that only possible with the C3P0 plugin which is now non-functioning?

My two cents is that Squeeze is not the right tool for that job. Squeeze sounds so good because it’s very lightweight. Some of that will be lost if you load it up.

HQPlayer is the best tool on AMS4 for conversions like this.

OK, clear and thanks

@kennyb123 just nailed it :+1::nerd_face:


@DrPo, You can use HQPlayer with Squeeze …

Yes, I have not compared HQP with Squeeze for sound quality yet