DX3 combination with EX?

I am offerte a nice EX . I ;d like tot combine it with my DX3?any experiences with this combi,?
or is the one with the CX the better choice?

The DX3 is a quite capable device, however seperating the server and player functions into seperate computing engines has definite advantages.
The CX is designed as a server and would be a better choice.
However as mentioned seperation of server player functions will reap rewards.
I use a DX2 as a player only endpoint, and it performs flawlessly.

Hi Mark
What server are you using out of interest as I have DX3 and the K50 is a bit of a stretch , or your complete setup please.
cheers Lance

Hiya, I use a K50 in my listening room, which runs my wife’s wee Yamaha system in the kitchen, along with the DX2 in the lounge.
DX2 is set as a player only.