Enabling Spotify on K50

Hi All,

I suspect this is going to be a rather dumb question, but how do I enable streaming Spotify through my K50? I’ve searched and read through the few postings related to Spotify, but can’t find specific instructions on how to set it up.

I often have parties or family over and want to allow people to play their Spotify lists on my main system.

FYI, I have a Spotify premium account. When I set the K50 to Spotify Connect, I can see K50 in my Spotify app on my phone. However anytime I attempt to connect to it, it refreshes without connecting.

Please assume I’m a complete idiot and provide me with complete precise directions. For the life of me I can’t get this to work.


Ok, so after screwing around with this for days, I think I’ve figure this out. Turns out using the Spotify Connect function on the solution dashboard was the trick. I hadn’t enabled the digital output for Spotify connect on the solution dashboard which was apparently the problem.

My next question is, is it possible to set this up using the squeeze server functionality? This way I can toggle back and forth between various libraries, Spotify, radio stations etc, using the squeezer app.


Have a look at the plugins page under Squeeze server settings. Spotify is mentioned though I’ve never tried any.

Indeed, Spotify support will be moved to Squeeze full-time in AMSv5, where the user experience is much improved over the current implementation.

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LOL, yea I keep reading about this page, where exactly is it? I have found the following on the respective player and server pages on K50 device.


If you click on Library on that blue page, it should take you to the Squeeze server settings. Use the dropdown from there to find the Plugins page.