EX Built-in DAC Lives

Recently my T&A Dac blew a power supply and is in getting repaired. My only backup dac is the built-in dac in the Antipodes EX. I have the CX and EX both of which have been upgraded to Oladra spec. From what I can recall the SQ of the dac in the original EX is OK, but not to be recommended as a permanent solution, at least that is how Antipodes used to describe it. Well I am using it temporarily now and it sounds pretty decent. So I am assuming that a combination of Oladra upgrade and now a direct analogue connection from the EX to my preamp (removing the USB DAC and cable etc) now makes it sound half decent.
Maybe my ears are deceiving me and it would be great if other owners of a Oladra spec EX could confirm it, that this DAC has now got another life worth listening to :slight_smile.


Not just the EX .
I have a S40/30 combo in which I am using the inbuilt dac after selling my Exogal Comet .
Obviously not as refined but the s30 has a better punch and drive .
I’m in no hurry to buy another dac at the moment .


I remember my DS had a decent sounding built in DAC.
Haven’t tried the S30 iteration yet.

Thanks for the tip, I also have an Oladra EX/CX and just tried the analogue output, not bad at all! Much better then I expected.