EX + DAC problems


I had a EX and McIntosh C2600. My idea make EX as Roon Server and use C2600 like DAC. But when I connect my DAC to EX by USB in Roon I see only EX like Roon Ready device. Music streams to my C2600 but I don't see DAC in Roon like device to have option to change a volume. A few month before when I was connected CX+EX+Meridian all 3 devices was at Roon. Maybe something wrong with settings?

For information:

I tried to change setting in Roon Ready to None (if I using my DAC) but it won't safe settings and come back to Analog out. Also can't update firmware from 2.7 to 2.8

Hi there Tor, you need Roon Ready to be the interface between the server and Roon to output to your DAC, you need to ensure you have set the DAC parameters in myantipodes to enable volume control.

Go to myantipodes / Settings / Roon Ready click on Roon Ready to set your DAC, if you require volume control inside of Roon set the volume control to Software and configure the DSD setting here also.

Now inside Roon / Settings / Audio / Roon Ready set up the DAC parameters, click the Cog, set MQA etc, Volume control set to "Device Volume" you can also set up your volume limits here. Finish off in Advanced by setting Max sample rate etc. You will also see the Audio Device that is connected in device set-up. You will now have volume control thru Roon.

Regarding the software update v2.7 is the latest available software for the EX, we will be pushing out an update in the near future.

Hello Mark.

Please see the attachments.

Still don't see my McIntoch like DAC and can change settings on EX.

Tor the Roon Ready device is the EX and the Audio Device is your C2600, if you open the cog on EX Roon Ready you will see the C2600, also, the C2600 is a Roon Tested Dac and info can be seen in the Signal Path, it is not a Roon Ready device as such wont show up as a Roon Ready device.

Volume is controlled via the Roon app.