EX has gone silent

Swapped out the USB cable to try a Shunyata demo cable I’ve just received and getting no output from the EX.

Tried power-cycling the EX and CX and a different DAC to no avail. Nothing obviously amiss per Roon or the dashboard. I wasn’t going to ask here but first available support session is 24 July :frowning:

What have I done?

Roon might actually have to see a DAC connected when it starts running. Leave the USB connected then cycle the power on the EX and CX and keep your fingers crossed.

Power cycle the DAC, whenever swapping cables, power everything down.


Thanks both. Have done all that to no avail.

Can you share a screenshot of the Solution Dashboard? Maybe also change to a different preset and then back.

No USB output showing with either squeeze player or Roon.

Ruh roh. Maybe the USB cable swap caused some damage. Power everything down again and make sure the USB cable is well seated.

Power down as in the switches on the back side? That works in case my dac does incidently not show up.

Smart to do a proper full shutdown when troubleshooting.

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Assume you did go back to the original USB cable to confirm the Shunyata is not the cause of the problem?

The Roon log will show if Roon has found a DAC.