EX not booting up

Hello, all of a sudden today my EX is not booting up - power light is green by the myantipodes page shows nothing.

I have checked the LAN connection and even changed the room/cable/switch. Still the same.

Any ideas?

Update: after rebooting the router at least I see the EX booting up but with a restricted choice of outputs: Analog, MSB Premium and None. No “digital out” output as it used to be?

You have the MSB connected via USB, the EX does not have a Digital Out, Im a little confused.

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Mark this is the funny thing, I don’t have the MSB DAC anymore and since almost a year now. I am equally confused.

There will be a legacy manual DAC setting that needs to be deleted, a hangover from v2.7 ish I would say.
You’ll need to make an appointment for me to remove it.

What’s the new DAC?

Nagra Tube. I have Nagra amplification and I think they match more seamlessly. But the MSB is a terrific DAC. If I was going only digital I would stay with the MSB direct into the amp.

update: after several reboot attempts and defining a new preset i have it working, albeit with the old DAC instead of ‘digital out’. In the old software versions one could navigate to settings and define the ‘custom DAC’, the relevant page was (in fact it still is on products with similar s/w origins like Sonore) IPADDRESS/settings_system_custom_dac.php. I take it that you have removed accessing that page in the new Antipodes s/w versions but wouldn’t that create a problem everytime one changes DAC?

please book an appointment for remote access support

Mark, just to tell you that with the 4.2 upgrade the problem disappeared and now i see the ‘correct’ options (none, Analog Output, Digital output) and not the ‘legacy’ MSB DAC…

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Love it when a plan comes together :nerd_face:

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