Ex not found on "my antipodes"

just bought an EX CX
On “my antipodes” ,ex not found, neither on computer nor app. on mobile phone,but seen on antipodes.com, 2.7 version.I can’t install the 2.8 or change language,all seems correct but after reboot, always 2.7 and English,not found,no dashboard …I did’nt connect it yet with the CX.
May you help me?
Bests regards

Your best bet is to book a 1-on-1 support session.

1 On 1 Help - Antipodes

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Antipodes v2.7 software is quite old now, and doesn’t have the required code to work on antipodes.online.
You will need to make an appointment for remote access support, as Kennyb has linked, and get the team to update your device.

Turn off your VPN if using

thanks for your answer, i’ll do that
bests regards