EX won’t boot - alternatives?

Hello, my EX, happily working under the latest AMS4 s/w version all of a sudden yesterday lost connection.

Tried to power cycle several times, the light goes “green” however it does not get an IP address and is not visible under the my antipodes page.

Is there an alternative way to boot it?

If not I am at a loss because even if I set up a remote session without an IP address not much can be done (I have changed Ethernet cables and restarted my router so some of the obvious culprits have been eliminated)

This sounds more like a network issue. Are the LEDs blinking on the Ethernet input?

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Hi Kenny I think you are right. Green light (on RJ45 port) is flashing but not the amber one.

I have another switch upstream which may be the problem. I just moved the EX physically close to it and plugging into the EX the LAN cable going into that switch allows me to reboot.

I should close this topic as it’s not Antipodes related.



Amber usually signifies data. I think green means gigabit.

Cycling the power on your network can help.

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Love it when you guys sort things out :nerd_face::+1: