Fastest way to back up music files

Hi all,

I have an external disk on which I want to back up my music library (2.5Gb).

I suppose the fastest way will be to avoid using the home network and so instead of “copying & pasting” from the Mac file manager I try to use the Antipodes file manager by attaching the external disk to one of the blue USB ports on the back of the EX.

I see that I can do the copy only “online” (cannot schedule as a job) - does this mean that data are passed over the home network (I suppose not but can someone confirm).

Thanks in advance.

Take a look at SyncBack free.

this is for windows.

I use the Antipodes filemanager but for large files the copy is incomplete returning HTTP 500 error. This should be a very simple linux batch job but unless I am missing something all filemanager operations are dialog ones.
@MarkCole could you set up a batch job if I set a remote session?

Filesync is available for iOS

Hi Marc, thanks, I downloaded and starting using it. I see however that it achieves a 10MB/s speed (even when I connect my Mac on the 2nd ethernet port of the EX and the USB drive on the EX as well). This means 50+ hrs for a 2TB database… there must be a better solution… I was very happy with Resilio sync in the early days but this is not available anymore…