File / file path is used for LMS config

I will soon be stepping up from my S-Stack to a K50. I finally got LMS tuned in to where I like it and would like to replicate that on the K50.

I know when I transfer the SSD I will need to format and rebuild my library, (to be honest ill probably reset everything so i am on a blank slate) but is there a config file for LMS setting i can copy over? I can keep both the S and K hooked up and go page by page but if there is something less tedious that would be prefered.

Is there no file that stores the settings/config for LMS? If not how is it stored?

I’ve had my Squeeze settings wiped clean a number of times. It hasn’t been difficult to get things back to where they were, but that’s because I haven’t strayed far from the defaults. Have you changed that much?

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I am not sure how many settings i have that differ from default but it would be mpre convenient. If i have to put both UIs in side by side browsers and compare then i can do that, just seeing if there is an easier way.

There’s a plugin called Settings Manager. It appears to allow the export and import of settings.