File import timestamp

Hi guys, hope you’re all enjoying the weekend.

Tried to search the forum but no related topic so I’m here to share about the file import timestamp.

When I was doing my first-time music transfer from my local folder to the Oladra internal storage, I chose to upload using AMS’s upload file function and the transfer was so fast and smooth.

However, when I viewed the albums in roon, the sorting while using “file creation time” was not the same compared with previous roon server.

Feeling confused, I went to the Oladra SMB folder and checked the files info… TADA.

the file creation / modification time of the files are the time when the files were imported into the Oladra, NOT the originals.

So, let’s say, if you have 3 albums:

A - Created 2011-Jan-01
B-Created 2015-Jan-01
C-Created 2024-Jan-01

When using the upload file function within AMS, the timestamp for all three albums will become the date you upload the files.

To keep the original timestamp, you can only use the File Explorer/Finder method to copy files between folders, which is SLOW af…

I don’t know if keeping the original timestamp could be a new function for the upcoming AMS? As it would be greatly helpful when doing the initial setup for the server.