HDMI specifications for I2S connection

When using an HDMI cable to connect to a DAC via I2S, what ‘versions’ of the HDMI spec are required.
Old cables were HDMi v1.4, then v2 (4k/18Gbps) and more lately v2.1 (8k/48Gbps).
These specs are of course for video HDMI rather than I2S.

So what level/version is necessary for I2S connection?
Is even 18Gbps an overkill, or is it better to get a newer 48 Gbps cable - maybe not just for the speed, but for example better built, better materials etc than previous types.

Top reviewed cables are not in my budget, so wondering if a ‘better’ old cable rather than a ‘lesser’ but newer type would give the best value for money

And this is why I am quite content to buy and plug in an AES. :slightly_smiling_face:

With my K50 I have used a few hdmi cables. Mostly old ones. In my case they all worked. My current cable is a1.4 (neotech ). They do sound different but all conveyed music.

Handy chart in this article showing the capabilities supported by the various specifications. The increased bandwidth is so that they can support more capabilities important to home theater usage.

I2S isn’t listed, but I would think that any 1.4 or above cable would do a fine job with it. Construction and materials matter more than the spec itself in my humble opinion.

I posted some thoughts about HDMI cables here.

Any quality built HDMI will work.

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