Help for a beginner :)

Hello! I just bought an Antipodes S40 with the intention of using it as a server.
My chain is:
Antipodes-ethernet-Lumin U1-USB-Esoteric DAC
Everything works great, but I have two questions:
1.- Is there a way to be able to read .ISO files within this chain?
2.- Is it useful to have the HQ player on the server if you are not going to use it as a player? or can I use it as a player through the Lumin?


What app are you using in the K40 to run your server? I have a K50. I use Roon for the server app and Squeeze for the player app. The K40 like the K50 provides six server apps you can choose from. I do not know what player apps Lumin U1 supports, does it support its own and others such as HQ player? I am not sure about the ISO. files.

I’m using Roon. Antipodes is the core and then I choose Lumin as a player inside the Roon app. (Lumin is RoonReadey :slight_smile: )

But if I want to “use” HQplayer, Roon makes me choose between Lumin and Hqplayer.
So, i seems like the only way to use Roon and HQplayer is to set the S40 as a server and as a player, taking out the Lumin.

And for the .ISO files… I like a Audirvana (it reads .ISO) but it doesn’t match with antipodes.

I would suggest you post this question in the Roon forum as well.

I have to select Squeeze in Roon otherwise it does not display as an audio endpoint player in Roon, even though I selected Squeeze as my player app in the K50. If I do not select Squeeze in Roon then I have to select Roon as my player app in the K50, which then displays the K50 as an audio endpoint in Roon. Does Lumin require you to select the app you are using as the player?
So the K40 has to know you are using the Roon app as the server app, Roon has to know what app you are using for the player and the Lumin U1 needs to know which app you are using as the player.

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Lumin doesn’t require me anything. Roon takes control. I think that if I want to use HQPlayer with my setup I need to use S40 as a server and a player, and sell the Lumin XD.

The K40 is only a server not a renderer or player. Antipodes now has a K21 that can be used as a player only to pair with the K40 or you can have your K40 upgraded to the K50. If your DAC has a quality renderer you could just remove the Lumin from the chain and see how that sounds. Your Dac would need to have a LAN input. I do not known enough about Lumin to known if replacing it makes sense.

The K50 makes sense if you want your music sever to be a streamer, player and re-clocker. You would have to be able to input to your DAC via SPDIF, AES/USB or I2s from the K50. If you connect via USB then you are using the clock in the DAC and not the K50 and a K21 added would make more sense.

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I have the S40, not the K40. This is my Antipodes:

My mistake. Yes you can use it as both server and player same as K50. Do you have an Esoteric DAC only without Network?


Don’t worry :slight_smile:
Yes, I have an Esoteric SACD player, and I can use it as a DAC but it needs a streamer.