Help please using Squeeze Server and Player to play 705 & 768kHz local files

Having upgraded to AMS3.1 on my K50, I now have access to LMS 8.3.0 and Squeezelite 1.8.7. I had been hoping that these would enable me to play 705 and 768kHz WAV files as generated by the offline upsampling app PGGB but no matter what I do all I get is ultra slow sound and my Dave shows it is receiving 44.1 data. This is via USB from the K50.

Another Antipodes owner (@Progisus ) has an EX running 3.1 and also the same versions of LMS and Squeezelite as me yet he is able to play the 705 and 768kHz files without issue on his EX.

Please can some light be shed on this and what is the route to getting Squeeze/Squeezelite to play the files on the K50? Do I need to alter any settings or does Antipodes need to do an update? I would really like to find a solution to this which does not involve buying an EX as well as the K50. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grinning:

For anyone interested, this question of how to use Squeeze Server and Squeezelite Player to play 705 and 768kHz files has been discussed recently on the “CX, EX, K, S, Antipodes, Owners Unite” thread on Head-Fi.

See post 1,310 onwards.

The key to getting it to work seems to be to activate the Squeeze C-3PO plugin on the Server. I accessed this through the Server Settings in Material. For me it was listed in the Inactive Plugins. After selecting and Saving I did a restart of the K50 using the front button. Now I have a 705kHz file playing perfectly happily through Squeeze Server and Squeezelite Player (no Roon).

Thank you to Tony @td19 for spending the time looking into this.

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My elation was short lived I am afraid when I discovered that that Squeeze with the C-3PO plugin was upsampling all inputs to 768 or 705kHz.

But the investigation continued mainly with @td19 and @kennyb123 whilst I was away from my hifi all weekend (playing with horses and other outdoor stuff) but now I am back indoors I have been going through the settings options on Squeeze player and realise there is an Extra Player Settings which I had not previously found or accessed. This has given me access to the C-3PO settings those guys have been using. I now have Squeeze Server and Squeeze Player selected on the K50 and it is passing through all frequencies un upsampled all the way from 44.1 to 768.

It sounds wonderful with the PGGB offline upsampled 705 and 768 files. I always knew it sounded best for the lower than 16FS files but now I can get that SQ with the 16FS as well.

I am just going through the C-3PO player settings options and basically trying to set everything for Squeeze to do nothing with the file apart from pass it through. Perhaps when the dust has settled on this exercise we can share settings to make sure the correct ones are being used.

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I was looking at “server settings” yesterday, looking at plugins C-3PO etc but I can’t locate them now. I’m lost? Where were/where are they?

Do these help?

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Awesome, thanks Nick. Through Library. I use a random approach to computers etc. Logic works better…You lost me on step 4, but once in the Library, all clear! Wish I hadn’t wasted 40 minutes clicking last night… Happy New Year!

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Just make sure you do not have resampling enabled in C-3PO. That has caught me out before!