HFA - Reviews KALA K22 G4

HFA posts new updated review on the Antipodes Audio KALA K22 G4 Music Server.

“Considering all the functionality on offer, all easily configurable using the superb AMS Web Interface, and then looking at the 9000 USD price tag, I can only conclude that the K22 offers superb value for money.”


@MarkCole ! Have you seen this review? I stumbled upon it last night and the reviewer delivers a resounding endorsement of Antipodes and in particular the K22. Apologies if this exists elsewhere in the forum. https://youtu.be/mf6YRfoepcM?si=2qMgr3MOjlxoM3dV

Yes indeed, posted on the forum back in January.
Michael currently has the K41+K22 combo under review.

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CHRISTIAAN PUNTER Owner of Hifi-Advice.com

(…) So, how does the K22 sound with Squeeze? I won’t sugar-coat it; Squeeze sounds a lot better to me than Roon, certainly on Antipodes servers. Playing the same tracks as before, there is a new level of tightness, crispness, articulation, and overall precision to the sound. It’s a leaner presentation, for sure, but the server simply refuses ever to sound dry or anemic. The transparency and precision are definitely increased, but even so, I still hear the richness, saturation, and flow that characterize the server.(…)

(…) If you want to extract the last ounce of audiophile performance from the server, it is recommended to use it with Squeeze or UPnP.(…)

CHRISTIAAN PUNTER - 14 February 2024 - 6 Comments


17 February 2024 at 17:09

Hoi Christiaan,
Thank you for expressing your thoughts. I particularly value your feedback following our recent discussion about the Oladra G4. I’m pleased to see the incorporation of Squeeze to Squeeze in your review, and it comes as no surprise that opting for Squeeze for both player and server can significantly enhance the performance of any Antipodes server.

As I recently wrote on the Antipodes forum:
“ I have complete faith in Christiaan’s observations, and I’ve noticed and have let him know that lately he’s been approaching his writing more from the perspective of a Roon user. It’s not because he lacks knowledge or prefers Squeeze less; it seems to be a matter of convenience. However, his latest [KALA K22 G4] review truly highlights the strengths of Squeeze + Squeeze, which is also a testament to the efforts Antipodes has been making to propel Squeeze in the right direction.”

I also encourage Antipodes users to explore alternative combinations, such as SqueezePlayer with Roon server and the three MPD presets. However, it’s worth noting that there’s no wrong choice here; each option offers its own merits.


18 February 2024 at 14:04

Thank you for the feedback and support, Paul!