Hissing Sound on K50 in Background

Switched out DACS, pin pointed it to be the K50 no matter using USB or HDMI.

When no music is playing there is ever so slightly the hissing in short bursts in the background. I was hoping originally that it may just be my DAC or the connection method. It is also not coming from the conditioner either.

Thoughts/advice? Been hoping it would be a simple fix, but now I am a bit worried. When not connecting the K50 to the DAC, the hissing is gone.

My guess is maybe chassis needs to be grounded? Anyone encounter similar?

Very unusual, how close is the server to power supplies/amps etc, have you tried without conditioning, if the transformer is an isolation based device both dac and server should be on the same device.
You may find the server better without conditioning, worth a try.

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I definitely tried server without the conditioning, forgot to mention. Distance wise from server to dac being inches, to amp about 2 ft.

Thank you, this solved my problem, similar to what F208Frank had.