How to tell a 1st Gen (G2) K50 from a 2nd Gen (G3) K50

The easiest way to determine the series of K50 is to look at the Re-Clocker…

The first series (G2) has I2S over HDMI only, as below:

The second series (G3) has I2S over both HDMI and RJ45, as below: This is the current re-clocker on the OLADRA, K50 and K22 (G4)

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@MarkCole What was the date that the K50 G2 was updated to the G3?

1 February 2022, during Covid

Thank you. I just bought a G2 demo, looks like it has been demo’ing for over 2 years.
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Hiya, good question…


We are still running the upgrade program to take it to G4 :sunglasses:

Thanks Mark, I did find that information regarding the G3 to G4.
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