How to Update Squeeze to 8.4.0 for EX?

Hi all,

My EX updated to the new software AMS v5.0
without any issues, it was quite straight.

However as squeeze user, I didn’t feel the upgrade in SQ with the new firmware as other users shared . I saw that there was a new update for squeeze available (8.4.0) and maybe is that the missing step to achieve the SQ others talked about but how to update it? What’s the procedure please? Clicking on “download” it doesn’t work.
Sorry if it’s a newbie question.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Cheers to all of you

We can’t install that. Those who upgraded to AMS 5 all have the previous version installed. The next time we will get an update to Squeeze is the next time Antipodes rolls out a new update to AME 5.

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Thank you for the info.
Waiting for that update :nerd_face:

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As an FYI, the improvements that come with 8.4 can be found if you scroll down here:

Most interesting to me is the mention of WavPack a few versions ago. I’m going to have to try that again.

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Up until today, evaluations have relied on LMS as integrated in AMSv5. Personally, I haven’t seen a consensus on audible improvements. However, that could vary depending on your system’s resolution and overall setup. The good news is that Antipodes has announced more updates this year. So if you haven’t heard anything now, perhaps the next time will bring SQ improvement?

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