Hq drop offs on Roon

When playing HQ player through roon I’m getting occasional pop offs with no music for a second or so Does not happen when I switch off HQ PLAYER. Using a May holo 3 KTE dac Any thoughts on what’s the glitch?

That’s usually a sign of too much load being placed on the CPU. Check the CPU meter on the Server dashboard when HQPlayer starts doing this.

The CPU with HQ player is at 75% Is that high? And if it is how do you lower it? CPU on roon only was at 0

It’s on the high side. Reducing the rate limit should reduce the load. Or you can select a less CPU-intensive filter.

Any suggestion on a good less CPU - intensive filter?

I am not a fan of DSD, so I can’t really help you there. PCM upscaling is far less CPU intensive. That’s what I use.

Interesting the CPU % on the same setting has gone way down from the 70% number to under 10%. Not sure why. May have been in the DSD setting on the Holo may and I am now on the NOS setting which I like better