HQ Player installieren

Guten Morgen,
ich bitte um Unterstützung bei der Installation von HQ Player 'Embedded in Verbindung mit Antipodes S30 und Roon. Kann mich jemand unterstützen?

Der S30 ist nicht für die Ausführung von HQPlayer ausgelegt.
Wenn Sie es jedoch ausführen möchten, müssen wir eine kleine Installation auf dem S30 vornehmen.
Dazu ist eine Fernzugriffssitzung erforderlich.

Translated…The S30 is not designed to run HQPlayer.
However if you would like to run it, we need to do a small installation tweek to the S30.
A remote access session is required for this.

Hello Mark,
Thanks for your Information. I have a S40, S30 and S60 combination in my system. I can use the demo hq player but I don‘t know how and wehere (iPad, Laptop Windows) to install the hq player Embedded and run it in my system in combination with Roon.

Ahhh, I see, no need for me to remote in, in that case.
All you do is upload the licence file sent to you by Signalyst in the S40.
Open HQPlayer and along the top menu bar you will find “Key” this is where you upload the licence.
Be sure to keep the licence file in a safe place.

Hello Mark,
I have bought the HQ Player Embedded and have get the key from Signalyst by e-mail. It‘s a data with .xml. I have tried to upload the key in hq player at the S30 dashboard, how you have described, but it‘s failed. May I get your support?
Thanks a lot for your answer.

As mentioned above, the key needs to be uploaded in the S40 HQPlayer setup screen

you have sent me a Video. The configuration. You have demonsrated, have you done in the S30 dashboard.
I have booked a remote support at Wednesday 05:00 am CET.
I Hope, I can Talk to you Mark and you can help me with team viewer or something else. I can‘t configurate the. HQ Player.
Greetings Günter

The S40 should be the device that gets configured to run HQPlayer server. The S30 runs the player app called HQPlayer NAA. This has no configuration options.

The HQPlayer license should be associated with the S40’s hardware fingerprint. If you go to the Server dashboard and HQPlayer is running, you should see the option under HQPlayer to Open the settings. This should be the S40. Once this opens and you log in, click About and under license you should see your name. From there click on Configuration and at the very bottom you should see a device listed as a Network Audio backend. This should be the S30. If it’s not listed, then you will likely have to wait for your support call.

Below is what’s showing for me now. My network audio device is blank because the Solution dashboard is configured for Squeeze. If I switch to one of the HQPlayer options on the Solution dashboard, this should get populated. Sometimes it needs a nudge. Clicking Apply on the Configuration page can help it find it.

Hello Kenny,
I have to waint Till Wednesday till your phone support.
Have a nice Sunday.