HQ Player license on USB dongle

Signalyst now offer the option of using a USB dongle instead of the hardware fingerprint for license authentication. In other words the license key checks for the presence of the USB dongle instead of a matching hardware fingerprint.

This offers the convenience of moving the HQ player license to different servers.

Can someone from the Antipodes team please confirm if the antipodes operating system supports HQ player license validation via usb dongle?

Yes indeed it does, very simple operation to get going.
We are using it here to assist with testing.

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Hello, after I purchase HQPlayer Embedded and they send me the file, do I have to insert this file that was sent to make the key for me and pay for it?


That file has to be applied here:

If you purchase the USB key, they will send you another key file. You will have to apply it here as well.