HQP-how the **** is this supposed to be setup?

Adventures of a Music Server Dummy.

I want to give HQ Player a try. ( mainly because I can no longer use Tidal on my Antipodes Player)

From what I can see, this is not a simple setup and not for the faint-hearted.
Although the server and player are preinstalled, it still requires some degree of understanding on setting up network locations, installing a User interface etc etc?

Is this really the starting point of the learning curve?:

Update - 4 hours of randomly installing/uploading/changing settings yielded about 7 minutes of music in total. Unfortunately, I couldn’t replicate the minor successes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: 7mins was not quite enough to evaluate SQ .

One thing, maybe superstitious, I removed my S20 from the line and plugged my K21 directly into my T+A 200 DAC via USB. Before then, all I got on the DAC was “no signal.”

I installed HQPlayer 5 Client… it’s not clunky at all.

Perhaps SQ ∝ 1/UI ?
I hope the answer is not " you have to get Roon".

No, not at all a user-friendly application.

Figuring that every human being who encountered this struggled to get it configured, I did a search to see if someone had written instructions. The instructions at the link that follows are pretty good, but ignore everything except page 8 & 9: https://audiophilestyle.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=49332

Username and password are both admin. Ignore 1a and 1e on page 8. As far as the rest of the settings, your DAC and server will dictate those. I suggest starting with output mode = PCM.

Important: in trial mode, you get only 30 minutes of usage. The best way to restart the counter is to restart HQPlayer server on the Solution Dashboard.

On the Library page, you’ll need to enter a path. The path /storage/music will scan the storage on your Antipodes. This could take a long time if you have a lot of music. Better to start with a subfolder just to get the hang of it.

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Kennyb123 … Brilliant! :+1:t3:
Thank you for your guidance. It’s encouraging to know it’s the process and not just me :sweat_smile:
I think if I can get to a basic setup going, it will all be sweet from there. Those instructions you link to look just the ticket!

I couldn’t get the library path to work… It said ‘successful’… then waited 10 seconds … and it came back with nothing. ( I tried linking to the Antipodes web server address to the music file, and also via File Explorer) Actually, I suspect using a sub-folder is exactly what I need to do. What was I thinking trying to map 1.5Tb.

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HQP has resolved the issue for me.
HQP is no longer supported for the K21 ( HQP’s decision not Antipodes)

I did get it going somewhat, enough to be able to listen , but not use on a daily basis.
What i heard, with my particular gear, ( DAC with dedicated DSD converter) was i think very good.

But as expected, and as Antipodes notes, the K21 alone is limited for big libraries or heavy processing.
Higher upscaling had drop outs but reasonable processing was fine. Good in fact.


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