HQPlayer delay using roon as server

hi, im trying out HQP on an oladra over AES using roon+hq player solution from the dashboard. I have PCM filters set to none but i am still getting a big delay when starting playback, adjusting volume or skipping through a track. I see that under network audio the only option is: OLADRAplayer: Antipodes USB audio 2.0: USB audio - not sure is correct when using AES.

Anyone any ideas pls?

@tommytwotimes My recollection is that the significant playback delay with HQP is normal even when there is no upsampling and no filters applied. I can try again at this end to check if you want.

I’m using HQP at the moment and yes, it takes 5-6 seconds to get going and when switching tracks, even without filtering

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Thx, seems delays are normal on hqp which means it isnt a workable player for me

Thx, i cant begin to understand how people live with this delay especially with volume adjustments, but if it works for you then enjoy it and happy listening )


I adjust volume via my amp (fixed HQP output) and the switching delay is just about tolerable. Over the last few months with ongoing tweaks, I find I’m flicking tracks much less often than I use to and for me, track flicking is a symptom of the sound not being right. It’s a great test as it becomes a sub conscious action and once I realise I’m flicking, it’s back to the drawing board.


I’m old enough to remember when I had to get up out of my chair to flip a record then wait until the lifter gently lowered the arm and wait a bit more until the stylus got to the music. I guess that’s why the couple second delay I get only when initiating playback never bothered me. Unlike with vinyl playback, pressing play can lead to music continuously playing so as long as playback isn’t stopped for some reason, I forget that the music had been delayed for few seconds at the start of it all. Nearly all of my HQP usage is via Roon, and Roon Radio is set keep the music playing.

The delay is even shorter with HQP set to do minimum processing. I would not call it significant.

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