HQPlayer Embedded username/password

Hi all!

I received a K40 for my testing purposes. I configured the K40 only as server with HQPlayer enabled.

Now I wanted to configure HQPlayer with access to K40.ip.address:8088

Normally the user is hqplayer and the password is password. But this does not work on my K40.

Any hints? Is the password changed by Antipodes by default?



With me the default user name and password are both ‘admin’. Worth a try.

Thanks Nick, that was the solution! Stupid, I didn’t this obvious username.

Another question to HQP embedded users on Antipodes: in section “Input” the input dropdown list shows only “Playlist”. Is this a fixed restriction given by Antipodes? Normally I can select there my NAA devices and their endpoints.

The K40 is in the same network as my other HQP Desktop installation. At the Desktop installation I can see my other NAA devices, so from network side all works fine.

Here are the settings for hqplayer on the server section of my k30 playing to a remote naa. This should be the sane for your use case. Hope it helps. I don’t change anything on the input screen. I play to hqplayer from roon.

Thanks! I can use an NAA endpoint same as you in output section. But I wanted to use an NAA endpoint as source too, not Roon.

I know this is a special usage, but I wanted to test the performance of HQPlayer on K40 in my environment. Maybe this is not possible, so I’ll check by using Roon.

NAA is simply a lightweight streaming endpoint. It’s meant to run on a separate box that attaches directly to a DAC. I would be surprised if NAA is even available on your K40 as it’s just a Player app.

What’s your downstream endpoint? Can that run NAA?

Thanks, but I know all this facts.

I’m using the following chain:

RME ADI-2 pro-> Raspi with NAA OS → NAA to Mac Studio M1 Max with HQPlayer Desktop-> NAA to Allo USBridge Signature-> ZeroUno DAC

At the place of the Mac Studio M1 Max I want to use the K40.

Very interesting chain! Let us know if you are able to substitute the K40 for the Mac Studio. Embedded HQPlayer should be able to accomplish what HQP Desktop accomplishes.