HQPlayer License

Hello. I have configured HQPlayer Server on my CX and HQPlayer on my EX. And this all works fine when using Roon Remote. I have installed the license on the EX. Is this correct? Also: how do I configure the library path? Whatever I enter into the path box on the EX, nothing happens. I am trying to use HQPDcontrol v4 instead of Roon Remote.

The library path for my K30 begins with /storage/music/

Scanning can take a while and it’s best to allow the webpage to finish doing its thing before you close the browser window.

Many thanks kennyb123

Or I just use /storage and that works.

How do I upload the Key from HQPlayer to the Antipodes K50, team?
EDIT- don’t worry, I found out how. Open the link to HQPlayer in the K50 Player Dashboard. then navigate to “Key” (top right of screen), then simply point the machine to the file you downloaded from Jussi. I didn’t even unzip mine.