HQplayer Updates

Hello. I have HQplayer version 4.18.1 on my CX\EX and the latest version is 4.25.2. Is it possible to update to this latest version?

Antipodes is releasing new software shortly, AMSv3.1, this will upgrade all Apps to current versions.
Also we are running CX and EX upgrades currently, see here Upgrades - Antipodes Audio

Thanks Mark. To be honest, I’ve not had the CX and EX for long, so I am still getting used to them in my system, and I’m very happy so far. How long would I be without the units if I went with the upgrade?

They are both great machines, the upgrade takes them to a new level.
Generally the upgrade time is a week to ten days here in New Zealand, with freight both ways, approx three weeks at a guesstimate.