I can't get Tidal to play

I have logged on to the Tidal app and music is in the queue but it will not play?
Do I have a setting wrong?

Which app are you using?

I’m using squeeze . . . . . . . . . . .

the file plays but with 0 volume the volume icons don’t seem to work?

I found the volume setting now I have volume and it plays but the usb converter shows 768 KHz but i’m using a single bnc input to dave so why does the K50 output 768 usb when playing Tidal?

See if you have the C-3PO plugin enabled in Squeeze.

I forget where to find plugins?

Settings … Library… then find Plugins on the dropdown. I’m away from home so going by memory.

Tidal transmits at 768 KHz over USB, the Gustard U18 is only capable of single coax 384 KHz so I went back to the src dx dual coax converter with a small hit in sound Quality. The Gustard is a step up. I sure wish Gustard would support dual coax output or the Chord Dave had an upgrade path to a better sounding USB receiver.

Can we flip this around? If you were to start with what you hope to achieve, I could suggest some options.

I’m confused by you saying that Tidal transmits at 768k because I don’t think that’s possible. Some other processes must be doing that to Tidal.

Let me further add that DAVE’s own scaling to 768k is quite good. I can’t imagine that Squeeze can match it. So native rates into DAVE would be best.

The exception to that would be when using scaling that beats DAVE’s scaling. HQPlayer dan do that and so can M-Scaler and PGGB. If not one of those then native is likely best.

I agree and didn’t expect this from Tidal content! I see no uprez option in the Tidal app?