I need help setting up the HQPlayer

I need help setting up the HQPlayer. I want to run it as a player together with Roon as a server on an single Antipodes EX (Oladra upgrade). After selecting the preset “HQPlayer with Roon Server (Auto)” in the Solution Dashboard and adding the HQPlayer on the iPad, I click on “Open” in the Solution Dashboard to configure the HQPlayer. However, the “/config” page cannot be opened and I get the error message “Safari cannot open the page “192…:8088/config” because Safari cannot connect to the server “192…” every time.”
What am I doing wrong? Many thanks for your help!
Best regards from Berlin, Uwe

Please make an appointment for remote access support here…

Thank you, Mark. I made an appointment for remote access. Best regards, Uwe

Marc got HQPlayer working on my Antipodes EX in a remote session last night. I would like to thank him again for this. The customer service from Antipodes is exceptional! Best regards, Uwe


Always a pleasure @uwe061

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