I2s Cable suggestion

Hi all.
I am currently using a Wireworld Silver Starlight 7 HDMI cable between my K50 & Denafrips Terminator
Has anyone tried other more expensive brands I2s cable like Pinkfaun etc ? Do you think there’s value in upgrading the cable from my current one ?

HDMI i2s: https://usashop.sommercable.com/en/Cable/HiFi-Home/Multimediakabel-EXCELSIOR-BlueWater-EBH4.html

This is what Denafrips recommended to me. Did not try it.

I have the Tubulus Concentus i2s Cable but didn’t compare it with others yet. I do like this cable, not overly detailed and very foot and floor tapping. (K50 and Denafrips TP)

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Thank you. May I ask how much was it ?

I believe they have an affiliated store.

The i2s cable highly recommended on WBF is Z axis cables

The Z axis are about twice as expensive. If my Dac had an i2s input I would consider these as I have both Jorma Design SPDIF and AES/EBU for my K50 so I would want an equivalent quality cable.

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