I2s Cable suggestion

Hi all.
I am currently using a Wireworld Silver Starlight 7 HDMI cable between my K50 & Denafrips Terminator
Has anyone tried other more expensive brands I2s cable like Pinkfaun etc ? Do you think there’s value in upgrading the cable from my current one ?

HDMI i2s: https://usashop.sommercable.com/en/Cable/HiFi-Home/Multimediakabel-EXCELSIOR-BlueWater-EBH4.html

This is what Denafrips recommended to me. Did not try it.

I have the Tubulus Concentus i2s Cable but didn’t compare it with others yet. I do like this cable, not overly detailed and very foot and floor tapping. (K50 and Denafrips TP)

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Thank you. May I ask how much was it ?

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I believe they have an affiliated store.

The i2s cable highly recommended on WBF is Z axis cables

The Z axis are about twice as expensive. If my Dac had an i2s input I would consider these as I have both Jorma Design SPDIF and AES/EBU for my K50 so I would want an equivalent quality cable.

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My Concentus arrived last week and I have been listening to it over the last week. I agree to the general consensus given about this cable here. It’s definitely an upgrade over my Wireworld Silver Starlight 7
Thanks to everyone who left their feedback about this cable here.

I upgraded from Tubulus Argentus hdmi to reasonably priced Tubulus Concentus hdmi some weeks ago for my Denafrips Hermes ddc to Tplus de dac and also added Concentus RJ45 for my Avatar transport … very nice improvement in midrange and midbass as marketed by Tubulus in their “world’s best i2s cable” claim while still balanced with the detailed highs out of my 4 way 6 drivers Revel Salon 2 speakers :smiley:

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I used concentus for a month. Loved it. Then I received a loaner’s audiomica Aes cable which was a nice improvement over the concentus. I guess it’s system dependant. What works for one may not work for another.

Indeed … ymmv as usual and guess my sharing is more on the move from Tubulus Argentus to Tubulus Concentus. For me, AES or coaxial is out of the question for preferred i2s and usb for all the hires dsd files that prefers. Cheers,

I tried the Tubulus Argentus but prefer the Audioquest Firebird in my system.

HAHAHA :crazy_face:


I have a new Tubulus Argentus i2s 0.5m cable I would sell at cost with free WW shipping.

I bought it when I got my Oladra upgrade thinking it would work on the unlabled HDMI ports of my old DX3. Oops.

Mark, sorry if this type of post is not allowed. Feel free to chastise and delete.

anyone tried the new concentus V2 yet ??

I have it in my K50 → Rockna Wavedream Signature and it’s working great. Only had an AQ Carbon before that (for I2S) and it’s not really a fair comparison.

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