I2S connection via RJ45 on dac Aqua

Hi all, I have the Aqua Formula xhd rev2 dac and I would like to connect it to the k50 via I2S RJ45, but the Aqua has a non-standard pinout and requires a cable to be built ad hoc. Has anyone tried this link and could you tell me what solution they went for? Thank

I used to have an Aqua La Scala DAC and after a lot of discussion with both Antipodes and Aqua we couldn’t get it to work. I think Aqua use a different protocol to Antipodes, who use a more common one. I ended up changing the Aqua to an Ayon DAC and got Tubulus to make me a RG45 Concentrus cable with custom pin out which now works really well.

Thanks for the information, from what you tell me I should leave the K50 alone, because I already have the Formula. But have you tried to follow the pattern suggested by Mark Cole here??


Digging into old emails about this from the UK Aqua dealer, it looks like Aqua use a different I2S protocol to everyone else. The only choice I had if I had kept the La Scala was to use their Linq streamer, which I wasn’t keen on as it didn’t have the functionality I wanted from the K50.

I decided to go for a K50 as the streamer and try different DAC’s instead. Currently happy with the Ayon but am looking to try out a Mola Mola DAC in the near future.